White witches are associated with witchcraft that has been used for good purposes. They prove the fact that the witchcraft is associated with only bad things and negativity. They practise witchcraft only with good intention. The opposite would be the black witches who are often associated with Satanism or black magic. It is true that witchcraft can be used for bad purposes and there are several tragic incidents that can be found in the history of witches and witchcraft that occurred due to the ill use of witchcraft. As a result, the assumption that witchcraft is associated with negativity gained much popularity. However, the concept has been changing considerably and more and more people have realised that witchcraft can be used for good purposes also.

The people who follow the Wicca, a witchcraft-based religion do not believe in hunting someone with the use of supernatural powers and they are often associated with the so called white magic, instead of black magic.
This would be the common distinction between the two types of witches, the black witches and the white witches. However, the possibility of white magic being utilised for bad purposes always exists.

The white witches and black witches depend on almost the same power root. The process or the rituals performed by black witches can vary a lot. White witches do not believe in the “god of bible’ and as a result they believe that their power comes from other supernatural god. Also, most witches claim to be white witches and do not believe in black magic. White witches perform witchcraft in such a way that no harm is caused to anybody in any way. They know that negativity if happened once can cause problems for the person who caused it.

However, there are a large number of people who are not convinced by the distinction of black and white magic associated with bad and good respectively. They believe it is not possible to give a clear definition or it is not right to differentiate them in the above mentioned way. They argue that both black magic and white magic can be used for good or bad purposes. For example, black witches can use black magic in such a way that some deadly diseases can be removed. The end result of such activities is beneficial to human beings.

The Wicca religion should be mentioned when talking about white witches. The religion is associated with several values that are followed by them strictly. These moral values followed by them play an important role in attracting a large number of people to the religion. Both white and black witches were present since the ancient times and were part of a large number of cultures worldwide. However, there was a time when the black witches gained more popularity and as a result witchcraft was assumed to be associated with evil and bad things. This further resulted in large number of white witches being punished or tortured severely that they were forced to agree that they engaged in activities that have the potential to prove harmful to human beings because of their association with bad spirits or destructive forces. This phenomenon also resulted in a large number of white witches being punished. This incident is an important feature in the history of white witches, black witches and the entire process of witchcraft.

The concept of witchcraft has changed during the present times and is evident from the huge number of people trying to find out more about white witches and witchcraft.