To understand the term “white magic” it is necessary to know how it differs from black magic. The latter is generally used with a bad intention to cause harmful effects for selfish purposes and is mainly synonymous with negativity. The former is quite the opposite and is essentially used for good purposes. This is the main difference between these two types of magic. However, unlike many other things, it is not always possible to categorize magic. Black magic can result in good things and there is no rule that white magic cannot be used for bad purposes.
Generally, white witches like to associate themselves with positive magick as it represents the positive aspect of utilising supernatural powers to get the coveted effects.

There are several theories associated with white and black magic. These can be categorized into different groups. One of the theories states that magic is associated with evil irrespective of whether it belongs to the category of black or white. This theory is generally supported by Hinduism, Islam and Christianity. According to the theory “Dark Doctrine”, dark magic is related to darkness and this view may or may not contrast with the other form of magick.

Some of the practices of white magic include: protection, sutra, and mudra, weather magic, blessing objects / people and alchemy. The sutra refers to written or spoken words which are slightly varied from the conventional prayers. Mudras refer to hand signs. The cross sign is an example of hand signs. Through protection magic, it is possible to protect those whom you love. In this way, the practise of white magic is used for good purposes.
However, it is also possible to use this type of magic for controlling the wishes of others. Many people pray for sufficient rain to get rid of their problems. This is done by people belonging to Christianity as well. Blessing objects and people can be considered as a grey area because of the laws regarding graven images, but is found to be acceptable.

Some of the common purposes for which white magic is used are as follows: healing a sick person, getting the coveted job, getting back one’s spouse, correcting a rebel child, getting love, bringing about rain, stopping thunderstorms, getting back a lover, etc. It is found to coexist with Black magic in instituted and traditional religions. The presence of white magic is found in almost all the cultures in different parts of the world. It is necessary to balance the ill effects caused by black magic. In other words, without white magic the world cannot exist.

Now, let us consider who the perfect white witch is. A perfect white spell caster is he who wishes for the good of others and works for that. He accepts his fears and is always determined on his decisions. Another person’s life is not influenced or changed unless the need arises. He knows how to utilise his tools while performing white magic. Those who perform white magic are known as witch doctors, wizards or priestesses. The performer utilises amulets, spells, talismans, charms and other rituals to get what he wants. A typical white magic rite is inclusive of four steps. In the first step, the practitioner places himself in front of a goddess or god followed by chanting the spells. Next is the rite that is inclusive of a few actions which symbolize the preferred ritual outcome.

After the rite is completed, the concerned person is provided with an amulet, talisman or potions. The outcome of white magic depends on how good the intentions are.