Contrary to the fable beliefs, not all witches are born with a gift, there are also witches that are made. Yes, this is true. Anyone can learn the art of witchcraft. But, people often wonder what it takes and how to learn witchcraft. Before learning this divine art, it is important to know what it is and what makes it so divine.

Witchcraft originated from an ancient neo pagan religion of Wicca. Practitioners of Wicca are called as “witches”. And Wicca is an extremely peaceful and a positive religion whose belief lies in nature and its divinity. Wiccans work towards honoring the earth and conserving nature. Witchcraft is a form of this religion, but has been, for centuries, believed to be evil, evoking supernatural powers and bringing only harm to others. But, the truth is starkly opposite. Witches perform magic, but only white magic, to help and heal others and protect nature. They do this using spells which involve certain prayers and rituals connecting to the divine.

You might wonder if anyone can learn witchcraft. Anybody can learn this craft and become a witch, but only if you feel the love, the connection and attraction towards nature and are inclined to discover its dynamic spirituality. This is the most important pre-requisite for learning witchcraft, because the philosophy of this craft is based completely on the mother earth. Witchcraft is for all those who want to form a complete and a divine relationship with the mother earth. It brings about your spirit’s enlightenment because with witchcraft, spirituality revolves around the love for the divine, love for nature and the cosmos that eventually results in personal growth.

The first step in the process of how to learn witchcraft is to study and understand the religion. You can easily avail of the various books written on this and with advent of internet, you can get a lot of information regarding witchcraft online. Next, it is important to know clearly, why you want to become a witch. Start with writing down everything, from your thoughts to the outside forces, directing you towards this path. Studying about it will tell you if you are on the right path. To know whether witchcraft is the path for you, experience nature in its very lap by simply going on a hike on a mountain or going trekking into a forest and appreciate and take in every nuance of the nature’s beauty.

Then you must understand that witchcraft does not entail magic that is believed to be simply some random way of manipulating the nature’s powers and bending its laws. Witchcraft magic is the process of raising, improving and channelizing one’s energy and attuning it to the nature’s harmony.

Once you are mentally and spiritually decided and ready to delve into witchcraft, then you have to begin to focus and resort to pure self dedication. For this, you will have to design a ritual for yourself all by yourself. You can design it any way you want, in the way that seems most meaningful and right to you.

Then comes the initiation stage, which is a very sacred step of connection between the divine and you. Initiation to this craft should be completely a solitary ritual, because this is a very private and a sacred moment for you, a moment in which you create a connection with the divine and a sacred relationship with nature.

This path is a highly fulfilling and pleasurable to tread on, but only so, as long as you are completely honest, sincere and true to yourself and the craft of witchcraft. This magical journey has a powerful capacity to bring positive and optimistic changes within you and your life and this gives you the power of bringing optimistic and positive changes within the world.