Witchcraft practiced in any region is always influenced and based on that country’s traditions and culture. Same goes for witchcraft practiced in Egypt, known as Egyptian Witchcraft. Their culture, rituals, worship, song, dance, magic and lifestyles have all influenced the witchcraft in the country giving rise to their own unique form of witchcraft.

Undoubtedly, the Egyptian witchcraft has its roots in the Wiccan religion, an ancient and one of the earliest neo – pagan religions to have evolved. Witchcraft is a form of the religion, Wicca. As this religion went to become increasingly practiced, it reached all parts of the world and slowly various forms of witchcraft began to develop, each unique with respect to the magic rituals, Gods and Goddesses and practitioners and so on, though, all of these different form of witchcraft have the same roots and beliefs instilled and practiced. Just like other forms of witchcraft have been misconstrued to be an evil crafts involving black magic, even Egyptian witchcraft is considered to be an evil craft, but, the truth is, as per the Wiccan religion and beliefs, it is a pure and a peaceful form of magic with nature based beliefs which are used to help and heal others using the power of nature and its dynamic spirituality.

The Egyptian witches worship and revere the ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. It is form of white magic that is practiced by worshipping the Egyptian Gods like God of Duat, Osiris, Isis, Amun Ra, Cleopatra, Horus to name a few.

Moon has a large significance in the Egyptian witchcraft. The witches meet on the nights of the full moon to revitalize their energy levels and connect with the natural forces. Also, this form of magick is also largely influenced by the changing seasonal cycles. This is the reason why the ‘Wheel of the Year’ image stands to represent the magic with its eight spokes symbolizing the four major agricultural festivals and the four significant solar festivals standing for the solstices and the equinoxes. The Egyptian witches consider sundown as the start of a day, with the day ending at sundown the next day.

The ancient Egyptian magic includes rituals when the witches sharpen their skills of divination under the star and moon light. They perform magic on occasions known as Moon Celebrations (Esbats) which are signified according to the different moon phases. Egyptian witchcraft entails magic that are used for healing, protection, channelizing of energy and spiritual development. A ritual knife known as Athame or Sacred Blade is the most essential and a scared tool for working magic among the witches. This ritual knife is first charged with the owner’s energy and is then used to construct a defined circle, known as a sacred circle within which the magic rituals are performed. For the witches, a bowl of water holds an important significance and stands for the properties of water such as regeneration, cleansing and emotions. Other elements such as the earth, air and fire come only second to water.

The witchcraft rituals that are performed also involve the use of several herbs such as Calamus, Franincense, Galangal, Juniper Berries, Cinnamon, Sandal wood and rose leaves to name a few.

The classical Egyptian witchcraft is a very demanding and a difficult form of witchcraft to master and requires a lot of knowledge, deep patience and an even deeper understanding of spirituality. Certain rituals are said to last as long as several weeks and can be extremely draining and painful. That is one of the reason why there are only a very few gifted Egyptian witchcraft practitioners who can perform the rituals and magic the way they are supposed to be performed.